Tesla Powerwall 2 install Brisbane

  • Brisbane Solar PV Project
  • Brisbane Solar PV Project
  • Brisbane Powerwall 2 install
job: Tesla Powerwall 2 and Solar PV install
service: Tesla Powerwall 2
number of panels: 21 x Sunpower 360w panels
inverters: 1 x Fronius 8kw 3 phase inverter
system details: For this Brisbane project, a 7.56kW tilt frame solar PV system was installed and the panels were tilted to 15 degrees to minimise the visual impact to this architecturally designed home from the street. A Fronius 8.2kW 3 phase inverter was installed to ensure compliance with current Energex guidelines when installing Powerwall 2. This was the first 3 phase residence to have Powerwall 2 approved on the Energex grid in South East QLD.