Tesla Powerwall 2 install Gold Coast

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job: Tesla Powerwall 2 install
service: Tesla Powerwall 2
number of panels: 18 x Sunpower 327w panels, 18 x SolarEdge panel optimisers
inverters: 1 x SolarEdge 5kw inverter
system details: One of the first Tesla Powerwall 2 installs to commence on the Gold Coast. Due to a smaller, shaded roof area, we opted for Sun Power 327 watt panels with additional SolarEdge optimizers. The panels provided a higher wattage for a similar footprint to that of the lower watt panels. Tesla Powerwall 2 was then added to capture and store excess power produced by the solar panels during the day for use at night. The result is reduced energy costs and greater self-consumption of solar. The Powerwall was installed with a backup module which protects the home during a power outage, keeping lights, Wi-Fi and refrigerator running. In addition, a Gateway module was installed to allow for seamless monitoring of the system.