First Powerwall 2 in QLD to be installed on a 3 phase Brisbane residence

Powerwall 2 install Brisbane

25 Sep First Powerwall 2 in QLD to be installed on a 3 phase Brisbane residence

Tesla Powerwall 2 has arrived and is radically changing the way households use, store and manage their power. Dynalec Renewable Energy is at the forefront of the Powerwall 2 demand becoming the first in South East Qld to install a Powerwall 2 on a 3 phase Brisbane residence and among one of the first to install Powerwall 2 on the Gold Coast for single-phase customers.

Brisbane Powerwall 2 install

Brisbane Powerwall 2 install


Dynalec Renewable Energy’s battery storage expert Michael explained: “while we had completed several Powerwall 2 installations on the Gold Coast for single-phase customers, this was the first 3 phase residence to have Powerwall 2 approved on the Energex grid in South East QLD.”

Brisbane Solar PV and Powerwall 2 Project

For this Brisbane project, a 7.56kW tilt frame solar PV system was installed prior the arrival of the Powerwall 2. The panels were tilted to 15 degrees to minimise the visual impact to this architecturally designed home from the street.  A Fronius 8.2kW 3 phase inverter was installed to ensure compliance with current Energex guidelines when installing Powerwall 2.

This residence had two existing electrical boards, the most important loads to be backed up in the case of an outage were identified and moved from the first switchboard to the garage switchboard to allow these essential loads to backed-up by the Powerwall. Two monitoring devices were then set up on the solar array and main switchboard which gave the customer full visibility via the app.

Brisbane Solar PV Project

Brisbane Solar PV and Powerwall 2 Project


Powerwall 2

Powerwall is a battery designed to reduce your reliance on the grid by allowing you to store 14kWh of solar energy to run your home day and night. In the event of a grid outage, your home will be protected with seamless and reliable backup power. With Powerwall, you can manage and control your home energy via a real-time Tesla app.


Visibility via the Tesla App

The App allows the Powerwall owner to monitor real-time data from solar power generation from afar through a new Power Flow screen, which provides an overview of household energy storage and consumption. Checking the system’s status and controlling settings such as a minimum energy reserve in case of a grid outage are all functions of the app.

Tesla App

Tesla App


Considering Powerwall 2?

Take the next step.


1.Home Energy Assessment

A Tesla Certified Installer from Dynalec will perform a home energy assessment to determine a suitable location, compatibility with existing solar array or provide a solar and Powerwall 2 bundled option.

2. Deposit

Place a 10% deposit and your name is placed on the waitlist for the next Powerwall 2

3. Review your Agreement

A residential works contract will be sent via email which includes your scope of works and estimated installation date.

4. Schedule your installation

We will schedule a date to install your Powerwall 2

5. Installation

The Powerwall will take less than a day to install and you will lose power for a portion of the install. This will be one of your last power outages!

6. Download the app

Once your installation is complete, you can download the Tesla app and start monitoring your Powerwall in real-time. The installer will run through the features and benefits of the app with you.

7. Support

The Powerwall has a 10-year warranty with ongoing after-sale support.





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Tesla Powerwall 2 is here Gold Coast

Our Energy conscious Gold Coast customer Graham, has been one of the first to have received the new Tesla Powerwall 2. Michael, our Solar Designer said of the installation “Due to a smaller, shaded roof area, we opted for Sun Power 327 watt panels with additional SolarEdge optimizers. The panels provided a higher wattage for a similar footprint to that of the lower watt panels. Tesla Powerwall 2 was then added to capture and store excess power produced by the solar panels during the day for use at night.


A Week with Powerwall 2 – Results are in.

With just over a week since we installed one of the first Tesla Powerwall 2’s on the Gold Coast and the results are in – Powerwall 2 has exceeded our initial forecasts. The first few days post install, our Mermaid Waters customers solar PV and Powerwall 2 provided 98-99% of his energy usage with only a 1% reliance on the grid. We had initially forecast for a 5-10% reliance on the grid so these results were extremely promising.

A week with Tesla Powerwall 2 - the results

A week with Tesla Powerwall 2 – the results